We have recently opened up our advertising direct to business and musicians having previously been Agency only.

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3000+ plays and downloads per week 
Number 1 in Country on the worlds largest podcasting community
Overall ranking in the top 400 podcasts globally

Listener breakdown: 60% Australian, 30% USA, 10% Global

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Unlike normal radio, and streaming the REAL Country podcast is available for download indefinitely - so your ad keeps working for longer. For example, a new listener downloads EP38 of the show then decides they really like it and downloads the last 37 shows to listen to.

We also find many listeners re-listen to episodes many times after they download them - again adding to the benefit of your advertising.

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We are constantly surprised by the emails and calls we get from such a wide selection of society that love Ben, the show and Country. Our stats below are our “conservative” target market, however now it is far larger than even we realise!

GENDER:                   50% Male | 50% Female
AGE RANGE:             23 to 55 (Over 1/3 of all radio listeners)
INTERESTS:              Country Music, Country Life, Sports, Online,
                                   Farming, Events, Cars, travel, food
LISTENERS ARE:      Active, Confident and a little cheeky
                                   Most likely have a young family
                                   Mateship is a major part of their life
                                   Radio/Podcasting plays a big part in their lives

Its easy! Buy your ads, email us your 30 second ad (Or see below if you want us to create one), subscribe to the podcast - Hear your ad as it goes to the world!

NOTE: Ads commence 1 week after pre-purchase, cancel anytime. Podcast only.

1 x 30 second ad per podcast show ongoing via PayPal

Once payment is received we will email you to get your 
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2 x 30 second ad’s per podcast show ongoing via PayPal

Once payment is received we will email you to get your 
ad - so please have it ready to go!


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A 30 second ad created by our experienced team for you 
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